The (no) sugar diaries: revisited

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I’ve been rather silent since my final diary entry of the 21 day no sugar challenge. Even though I said I would go back to having no sugar, I didn’t do that. There was a huge part of writing the blog posts about my progress during the 21 days that kept me going because of accountability. There was the possibility of many eyes soaking in my words and wishing me well. It also meant that I had to be honest with myself before formulating my thoughts into words to tell you. I can lie of course, to myself, convincing the brain things inside my head of one thing while really I know the truth. But lying through written word doesn’t work so easily for me, and perhaps that’s why I couldn’t go back to blogging when I started sugar again; so that I could carry on lying to myself and feel okay because I wouldn’t be lying to anyone else.

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The (no) sugar diaries: part 4 (I’m going back)

The day before the end of the challenge. Day 21. I went to a birthday party where there was fudge, chocolate smudge and all things sugary. Praise the Lord for the birthday girl’s generosity in also preparing yummy-nutrition-filled quiches, carrot sticks with avo dip and strawberries for the picking. Then came supper time with Aunty Judy, who always has delicious treats on offer. She knew about my challenge and the evening was a success. After nearly polishing off a salad for six between the two of us, we sat eating a huge bowl of yoghurt for pudding. She didn’t even say, “are you sure you don’t want one of these chocolate muffins or some ice cream?”. She offered yoghurt for pudding and that was that. My heart was happy.

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At a special baptism service the next day at church, there were celebratory snacks on offer. I had a teeny little chocolate/biscuity block as my first sugary thing in 21 days. Granted it was extremely yummy, but rather unsatisfying. Later in the week, I wanted to bake some condensed milk cookies to offer at Bible Study. And again, they were quite yummy…but left me feeling dissatisfied with having ate a few. I got a big headache that lasted two days and my tummy wasn’t totally upset with me, but just didn’t feel right. Furthermore, when my coach visited for our bi-monthly rescan, my metabolic age had gone up, water down and Kg’s slightly up, just one week after the challenge ended. But the biggest effect I felt was that I was TIRED (I still am, since the end of the challenge, I’ve been tired).

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The (no) sugar diaries: part 3 (more than a physical thing)

Day 18 and I’ve started to forget that I’m doing the challenge. Do not fear, I’m not forgetting to not eat sugar, but I’m forgetting that it’s a challenge. Every day when the reminder on my phone goes off to tell me not to have extra sugar, I’m un-surprised and rather nonchalant about it. I stopped counting down the days to when the challenge will be over, and when I sat down to write this post, I had to go to my calendar to figure out what day I’m on.

My friends have also started to get used to it. On Sunday I did a potholes photoshoot with four friends. They were extremely obliging and did all sorts of weird and wonderful things that I wanted in my photo series. To say thank you, we went to Steers where I bought them each an ice cream. I did not have an ice cream and they did not look at me strangely and then click and say “oh, I almost forgot”. We simply sat at a table while they licked their ice-creams and we flicked the little cardboard cone cover to each other (small things amuse small minds hey?).

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When you mind your p’s and q’s, a first impression will be good

I walked into what appeared to be quite an unexciting building and my eyes popped.

Wooden floors made my footsteps heard, the smell of old paper and ink filled my nostrils and the sight of metal machinery I had only seen in pictures lay before me. Ironically, one of my classmates let out a cry of exasperation before the official start of the tour into the history of printing began; “Ah! My phone just died!” It seemed appropriate that in a place rich in the textures of decades past would be the place where a modern piece of technology failed her. Nothing more interesting though could capture my attention and allow me to drink in the knowledge provided by Eastern Star Gallery curator regarding the ways of the old way of printing. No cellphone necessary.

Student Mitchell Parker is intrigued by the advertising of ostriches for sale in an old edition of the Eastern Star newspaper, while lecturer Gillian Rennie looks on. Photo: Roxanne Daniels
Student Mitchell Parker (left) is intrigued by the advertising of ostriches for sale in an old edition of the Eastern Star newspaper, while lecturer Gillian Rennie looks on. Photo: Roxanne Daniels

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Around the world in Potholes

Potholes in Grahamstown are a serious problem. Drivers seem to complain much of the time about the ditches and bumps in the road that have the potential to cause grievous harm to their vehicles. Some people though, are tired of hearing the complaints about road problems in the Eastern Cape, knowing that there are more important issues to care about. To lighten the mood regarding potholes, here follows the FICTITIOUS story of four students. They travel ‘the world’ to different potholes in Grahamstown, seeing places like the Grand Canyon, Lake Kariba and Jungfraujoch. Follow their enticing made-up tale and laugh about the funny moments.

Click on the images to start a slideshow and read the full captions.

P.s Kate and Peter are happily NOT engaged.

Light from Jodi Bieber

Third year Rhodes photojournalism student Bianca Du Plessis with critically acclaimed South African photographer, Jodi Bieber
Third year Rhodes photojournalism student Bianca Du Plessis with critically acclaimed South African photographer, Jodi Bieber

My friend Bianca looks into the lens again to see if the picture is set up perfectly. After several adjustments, she looks at the posing group with satisfaction. She clicks the button, runs to a spot in the group just before the camera catches all the smiles.

Bianca has always loved taking photos, she’s the first to volunteer to capture images and moments from any event, big or small. Her passion for photography was the reason why she took photojournalism in third year at Rhodes.

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The (no) sugar diaries: part 2 (I didn’t eat the brownies)

It’s day 10 and I just realised that it’s nearly halfway to 21 days!

Five days ago I was about to embark on a big challenge part of my 21 days of having no added sugar, which was that I was going to bake some deliciously full-of-sugar brownies for a church retreat this past weekend. I promised to share how it went and if I was actually up to the task that was set before me. After posting the first diary entry last week, I was craving sugar like a pregnant woman who has weird desires for certain foods and I ALMOST decided to just give in and have a teensy bit of sugar. I realised though, that I had told you…yes you…the one reading this post! How could I betray myself, you and the One I’m doing this for?

I looked up my trusty chocolate chip brownie recipe and wrote down the ingredients I needed to buy…butter, sugar, chocolate chips and lots and lots of plain chocolate. To ensure that I wouldn’t shop while hungry, I had my afternoon snack (roasted chickpeas with a little bit of olive oil and paprika…yummy!) before heading out to the Place of Temptation (i.e. Pick ‘n Pay). I was in and out with exactly what I needed, no messing around and no unnecessary additions. I came home, put the butter in the fridge and left the chocolaty things in the shopping bag…in my room…awaiting their destruction the next day.

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