The (no) sugar diaries: revisited

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I’ve been rather silent since my final diary entry of the 21 day no sugar challenge. Even though I said I would go back to having no sugar, I didn’t do that. There was a huge part of writing the blog posts about my progress during the 21 days that kept me going because of accountability. There was the possibility of many eyes soaking in my words and wishing me well. It also meant that I had to be honest with myself before formulating my thoughts into words to tell you. I can lie of course, to myself, convincing the brain things inside my head of one thing while really I know the truth. But lying through written word doesn’t work so easily for me, and perhaps that’s why I couldn’t go back to blogging when I started sugar again; so that I could carry on lying to myself and feel okay because I wouldn’t be lying to anyone else.

When people asked how I was doing after the challenge had ended, the standard reply was; “I find it so much harder now that I’m not blogging about it. And it feels weird TO blog about it when it’s not the official 21 day thing, you know?” So, I’ve had enough of hiding behind that, because; who says when I should and shouldn’t blog? Me. As an excuse. Who says I can or can’t still be on the 21 day challenge? Me. Because seeing the 21 day challenge extended to far more than just 21 periods of 24 hours is just silly. Well, I’m now telling that me that that is just utter nonsense. It can’t be a once off 21 day thing for the aim (being more energetic and comfortable in my skin) to be achieved, it has to continue…as a lifestyle.

So, I’m armed with support from my wonderful fiancé, encouraging me to find my joy in Christ. I need to hunger for my Saviour more than I hunger for the satisfaction food gives. I need to turn to and depend on my King to crave Him when my body is craving the next fix (which will just need fix after fix). I need to get to a point where food is not the enemy, but to be enjoyed as a gift from God, a gift where the Giver is worshipped rather than the gift itself.

I’ve just downloaded the free pdf of A Hunger For God by John Piper…I was attracted by the first part of the blurb: ‘There is an appetite for God. And it can be awakened. I invite you to turn from the dulling effects of food and the dangers of idolatry, and to say with some simple fast: “This much, O God, I want you.” ‘That is where I continue my journey, using a resource God kindly gave through John Piper who uses Scriptures to lead me to deeper satisfaction in Him.

Expect to hear from me later this week!


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